ELIXAIR effectively eliminates coronavirus-sized particles!

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Antivirus. Antibacterial.
Antiallergic. Anti-smog


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Clean Air.
Nothing else.

ELIXAIR purifies the air using ionization and electrostatic pull of charged particles, also known as ESP filtration. This process destroys the captured pollutants (turns them into biologically neutral sediment) and guarantees a safe living environment for you and your loved ones.

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How does ELIXAIR work?

ELIXAIR has a specially designed, highly efficient 3-stage filtration system. The purifier captures harmful particles down to 0.01 μm, destroys them and removes all unpleasant odors and gases. ELIXAIR is so efficient that after 30 minutes of work the air is much cleaner, fresher and easier to breathe.

PREFILTER Traps large particles such as pet hair, dust and hair.
IONIZING SECTION It gives the particles a negative charge, so that they are pull to the positively charged collector walls.
ELECTROSTATIC COLLECTOR The 8000 V corona discharge unit neutralizes the pulled particles (viruses, bacteria, allergens, smog, mold, fungi), turning them into a biologically neutral sediment.
CARBON FILTER Absorbs odors such as tobacco smoke, gases and VOCs.

3-stage filtration system

0,01 μm captures small particles

30 minutes and the air is much cleaner

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Tested technology

24/7 air disinfection in the presence of staff and patients

Safety of use
(PZH certificate)

Convenience – washing by hand or in a sterilization room

Precision of operation

Made in Europe
Not China

Speed of action

Quiet work

Savings – no costs of filter
replacement and disposal

– recycling friendly

Long life of the device
– up to 20 years

Provincial Infectious Hospital in Warsaw
Another 15 pieces of equipment for professional air decontamination ELIXIAR E400 were delivered as part of the prevention, counteraction and combating of COVID-19. In total, there are 27 E400 models in the hospital. Due to the specifics of the hospital, neutralization of pathogenic viruses caught in the air was crucial when selecting the devices...

Agnieszka Kujawska – MisiągDirector of the hospital

Nursing Home of the St. Francis de Sales in Warsaw
During choosing equipment for air decontamination for our facility, a large role was played by the high viral, bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness of ELIXAIR devices, their mobility (...) and high savings both in terms of low energy consumption and no need to replace filters over the years (reusable steel filters)...

Jan GrzesiukDirector

Save The Planet Experience Center
In line with our idea, we were looking for an effective and high-quality solution for air purification in the ventilation system, which would also be in line with the "zero waste" philosophy in the building. We paid attention to the ELIXAIR devices, all components of which come from recycling and are suitable for further processing...

Dariusz StasikChairman of the Board

Kindergarten No. 5 in Warsaw
After more than a year of use, we can confirm that the air is noticeably fresher and we notice increased concentration in our pupils during classes. The device is also very quiet - it does not interfere in any way with the classes being conducted and while the children are sleeping. An undeniable advantage in favor of ELIXAIR...

Beata DłutekDirector

CenterDENT in Olkusz
I was convinced to buy ELIXIAR devices because of the lack of replaceable and expensive HEPA filters, instead I can wash the filters myself - it's a great convenience. I drew attention to this product also because it is one of the few on the market that has the PZH certificate.

Dorota Supernak – BobkoDr. n. med.
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Places of ELIXAIR application

The ELIXAIR brand is a specialized device for purifying the air from viruses, bacteria, mites, fungi spores and dust. Equipped with active electrostatic filtration with ionization, they are able to guarantee hygienic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The technology used in the devices causes the immediate destruction of all microorganisms from the air.

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